Personal Injury

Suffering an injury can throw your life out of kilter not only for weeks but for years.

In many cases there are compulsory insurance schemes in place, the entire purpose of which is to reduce at least the financial consequences of injuries and often to provide assistance with rehabilitation.  These include compulsory injury insurance for motor vehicle accidents and compulsory employer insurance for injuries to employees.

Furgan Lawyers can provide you with experienced and innovative representation for injury claims.

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Claims for personal injury claims under Queensland law are subject to  a limitation period requiring you to commence a Court action within three years of the cause of action arising though the clock might not begin to run as soon as the accident occurs and the limitation period may be different under some claims based on Federal legislation.  There are additional time constraints under The Motor Accident Insurance Act and the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act and claims said to be caused by a hit and run driver must be brought within 3 months.