Wills and Estates


All adult should have wills, however many people leave it until they reach advanced age.


Sometimes consideration is only really given to preparation of a will when a person begins to experience symptoms of Alzheimer’s at which time it may be too late or there may be the risk of litigation in respect of the validity of the Will.


Dying without a will, means that your estate will be distributed according to a set of rules rather than in accordance with your wishes. Administration of your estate is also likely to be more expensive.


Will should also be reviewed from time to time and upon major changes in your circumstances to ensure that they still reflect your wishes.


Furgan Lawyers can help you with preparation of wills and administration of deceased estates.


With administration of deceased estates, we can advise how to attend to realising assets and distributing them with limited expense and limit your involvement to those matters which you feel you could not attend to yourself.